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Established in 2004, YIBE Real Estate and Trading is a diversified company making its mark in various sectors:


Wholesale and retail of Heavy duty trucks’ spare parts:

Established in 2004EC (2012GC), Mitiku Yibe Trading is a leader in importing, wholesaling, and retailing original Sino and Geneon truck spare parts. Renowned for its high reputation, over 75% of sales are with long-standing corporate clients. With significant growth in distribution reach and client base, the company has seen a corresponding rise in sales volume over the past 15 years.


Steel Manufacturing:

Mitiku Yibe ventured into manufacturing with its YIBE Steel Factory, producing Egga sheets, corrugated Iron Sheets, Gutter and nails. With years of experience, the factory offers various steel products in different sizes and colors, known for their toughness, reliability and balance of strength and beauty as essential building materials.


Import and export:

The company is now launching its export sector after establishing necessary manpower and arrangements. The export wing aims to enhance export diversification, foreign exchange earnings, support other wings, ensure portfolio diversification, provide a reasonable return to owners and generate tax revenue through VAT, excise tax, and profit tax.


Real Estate:

YIBE Real Estate and Trading has completed the B+G+13 building in a prime area of Addis Ababa, selling and leasing within two years. The construction of a 1B+G+19 building at the Africa Union site and Bisrate Gebriel site is in progress, scheduled for completion within 30 months and 2 years respectively. A fourth site, a 1B+G+8 building at the Bole Michael, is currently in the planning stage with architectural and structural engineers.

YIBE’s strategic ventures beyond real estate underscore its commitment to diverse industries, enhancing resilience and driving innovation across economic sectors.

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